All You Need To Know About Sofa Upholstery repair in Dubai

HOW AN EXCELLENT ARTISAN WORKSHOP SUCH AS THAT OF Sofa Upholstery Dubai OPERATES. For you, we can take care of the complete restyling of your sofa or your favorite armchair, maintaining an excellent value for money. The refurbishment of a sofa, if done by professionals in the sector, is simple and quick: in some cases it is only a matter of rearranging the padding or replacing the upholstery, to give new life to the upholstery. In other cases, more delicate interventions may be necessary, such as the replacement of straps, springs, tires, tribbies, etc. In all cases we have the skills, experience and instrumentation suitable for the case.
Whether it is a “modern” sofa to be rearranged, or whether it is a valuable period piece, we can intervene ad hoc, with specialized treatments and procedures, keeping on request unchanged the aesthetic characteristics and the original structure. Fabrics will be selected with you, to get the best of results.
If you want to give a completely new style to your sofa,we will study with you the new dress of your sofa, recoloring or covering it, to adapt it to the needs of your home or your personal taste. In case you want to restore it, bringing it back to its original condition, we will try to find for you the best solution to revive him. This without altering too much the taste of the ancient, simply restoring it. No matter what kind of sofa or armchair it is: if it is leather, fabric, velvet, vinyl, plastic, thanks to the tools available and experience we will get an excellent result.

Furniture Upholstery

Every detail will be under our attention, for a restoration result to say the least excellent
The refurbishment of sofas and armchairs made by Sofa Upholstery Dubai intervenes at 360 ° on each component, to check the state of wear of the entire cabinet and to restore its “health” throughout. This way you will have a product with a quality equal to the new, durable, durable and clean. Specifically, we will deal with:

• rigid structure at the base of the seat
• of the state of the suspensions, then of the springs (springs, steel wires, belts)
• of the protective dust proof canvas, under the sofa, usually nailed to the structure
• of the bottom canvas that must be thick and soft
• cushion padding
• of the base and feet of the sofa, made of wood or metal
Artisan workshop of experience for the regeneration of your sofa
For the refurbishment of sofas and armchairs, we can take care of:
• re-padding, inserting new material
• repair the internal or external wooden structure
• repair of accidental damage, such as scratches, burns, ineseminable stains
• meticulously sew the covering fabric, if only to be repaired as a result of tears and skinnings
• replacement of worn components such as springs, straps, tires, tri-series etc.
• replace the fabric or lining skin, with a new one according to the customer’s wishes

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